Brunch Menu

Brunch is served Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays 9am until 4pm. Darby's Pub cures and smokes their bacon and breakfast sausage in house using Paradise Valley Farms pork. Our eggs are free run sourced from Fraser Valley and all of our breakfast breads are baked by Bon Chaz Bakery.
Two sunny-side up eggs, bacon and a biscuit
Two eggs served any style, home fries and toast Your choice of bacon or sausage
Two eggs served any style, home fries, biscuit, bacon, sausage, roasted tomatoes and baked beans
Corn, peppers, mushrooms, arugula, yams, carrots, potatoes, onions and two poached eggs add bacon, sausage, or salmon 2 cure your hangover 3
Chili flakes, bacon, parmesan, two poached eggs
Bacon, peppers, mushrooms, two poached eggs, and a buttermilk biscuit
Roasted tofu, onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomato arugula, home fries and two poached eggs
Scrambled eggs, avocado, corn pico de gallo, mixed cheese. Served with Cajun chips
sub home fries 1
add bacon or ham 2
Served with home fries
Bacon and Avocado buttered crumpet and hollandaise
Salmon buttered crumpet, red onion, arugula and hollandaise
Veggie vegetable patty, avocado, corn pico de gallo, and hollandaise
Four corn tortilla, cajun seasoned beef, scrambled eggs, mixed cheese, chipotle mayo
Scrambled eggs, ham, mixed cheese, chipotle mayo and Served with Cajun chips
Sub home fries +1
Marinated chicken, salsa, mixed cheese, avocado. Served with home fries
~ Sides ~
Three Slices of Bacon + 2.25
House Sausage + 2.25
Pulled Pork + 3.75
Single Egg + 1.5
Half Avacado + 2
House Biscuit and jam + 3
Toast and Jam + 3
Side of Home fries + 3
Side of Hollandaise + 1