Food Menu

Meals are a celebration of the community that produced the ingredients as well as the people that enjoy them.  Lives are told and shared over plates of food; sharing both the items and the moment with one another.  From supporting local growers, producers and suppliers; to the community we are a part of, we strongly believe in this concept of food.
Darby's Kitchen is lead by Chef Simon McLeod. His kitchen team prepares almost our entire menu from scratch using quality ingredients sourced from local suppliers. Chicken is raised in the Fraser Valley at Heritage Farms and is free run, cage free and not fed any antibiotics or hormones. Beef is raised in Hopcott Farm and is hormone, steroid and antibiotic free. Cows are allowed to roam over large pastures where they can feed on natural grass. Pork is sourced from Johnsons in Abbotsford; Pigs are hormone free and grain fed. We also work with brewers and food producers to host special events, check out our upcoming events for more information.
Scroll down or click to see our selection of Small Plates, Share Plates, Salads, Burgers and sandwiches, Entrees, and Desserts. On Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays we also have a Brunch Menu available. Look for the symbols below on our menu that identify special items.
This symbol means the item is completely gluten free and contains no ingredients derived from wheat, rye, barley, or crossbreeds of these grains. Visit Health Canada for more information.
Items are vegetarian, ask about vegan options
Four tacos of your choice between Avocado and Fish
Avocado - basil mayo, shaved lettuce, pickled red onion
Fish - chipotle mayo, shaved lettuce, corn pico de gallo
House made herb Cheddar, Emmental, & Parmesan cheese polenta fries served with basil mayo
Fried in a honey chili glaze with pumpkin seeds
Add bacon • 2
Smoked and beer battered drumsticks & housemade coleslaw
Lightly beer battered, cajun roasted tofu bites
Flavour Options:
Wasabi Maple, Maui, Garlic, Curry ketchup
Hot, BBQ, Hotique, Salt & Pepper
add either bleu cheese or ranch dip • 1
Full pound of house brined wings
Flavour Options:
Wasabi Maple, Maui, Garlic, Curry ketchup
Hot, BBQ, Hotique, Salt & Pepper
add either bleu cheese or ranch dip • 1
Crispy fried north-west Humboldt squid, fried onions & jalapeños, lemon garlic dip, charred lemon wedge
The little sibling of our famous Ultimate Kits Nachos. Served with sour cream, house made salsa & guacamole
add house smoked Heritage Farms pulled chicken • 4.95
add cajun seasoned beef • 5.95
Beer battered jalapeño & cheese poppers.
Hand cut tortilla, pound of mixed cheeses, corn pico de gallo, pickled jalapeño, green onions Served with sour cream, house made salsa & guacamole
Add house smoked pulled chicken • 4.95
Add cajun seasoned beef • 5.95
Looking for something light and refreshing? Try one of Chef McLeod's signature salads. Darby's salads are made using the freshest produces supplied to us from Islands West Produce and other local suppliers. Our chicken comes from Heritage Farms, locally raised in an ethical environment.
Mixed greens, cucumber, roasted pumpkin seeds, carrot, tomato, pickled red onions with a balsamic vinaigrette
Kale, mixed greens, shaved parmesan, roasted chickpeas & caesar dressing with a fresh lemon wedge
Local Heritage Farms chicken breast, bacon, hard-boiled egg, bleu cheese, cherry tomatoes & avocado with ranch dressing
Arugula with Pomegranate seeds, parmesan, bleu cheese & preserved lemon vinaigrette
Cajun seasoned rice with mixed greens, cheese, corn pico de gallo, pickled jalapeño, salsa & sour cream
Lime seasoned quinoa with mixed greens, pickled red onion & jalapeños, cucumber, avocado & carrots
Add house smoked Heritage Farms pulled chicken • 4.95
Add Heritage farms chicken breast • 5.95
Served with a side of Chipotle Mayo
House made vegetable gravy, fresh Quebec cheese curds
Tossed with any wing sauce, mixed cheese & green onions. Choice of mayo topping: Chipotle, Wasabi, Bleu Cheese
Jalapeño cheese, pickled jalapeño & crumbled bacon
Bratwurst smothered in Currywurst sauce with sliced pickles
Halifax sweet sauce, chipotle mayo, pickled red onions, shaved carrot
House smoked local heritage farms pulled chicken & coleslaw tossed with Darby's BBQ sauce
Served with fresh cut fries
Add house smoked pulled chicken • 4.95
All the proteins that we use are locally raised and sourced. Their livestock is ethically raised on organic feed without the use of hormones and antibiotics. We cook our burgers to a medium-well, if you would like it cooked further please request with it your server. All our burgers are served on Bon Chaz pretzel buns.
House made beef patty, lettuce, tomato relish, mayo
Add both bacon and cheddar for 3.5
House blended Yves patty, pickled red onion, jalapeño pepper relish, cucumber, pickled jalapeño with mayo, arugula, and served on a demi baguette
House made patty, guacamole, Swiss, bacon, mayo, lettuce & tomato
Fried egg, bacon, signature cheese, tomato relish, onion, pickles, House BBQ sauce
House made patty, fried egg, bacon, Cheddar, tomato, pickled onion & pickles with Darby's BBQ sauce.
House made patty, bacon onion compote, mayo, arugula, blue cheese & Gruyere
House made patty, jalapeños, Emmental, Cheddar & cream cheese, jalapeño pepper relish, chipotle mayo & griddled tomato
House made patty, black pepper strawberry jam, arugula & Brie
House made patty, maple chili glazed bacon, fresh Quebec cheese curds, lettuce & mayo
Gluten Free? Substitute a gluten free bun free of charge. Both our beef and veg patties are gluten free
Substitute your beef patty for either a veg patty or a chicken breast free of charge
Served with your choice of side
Fries, house salad, chips, coleslaw, smash fries
Sub for 1.5
Yams, mixed green caesar, soup, mac salad - 1.5
Upgrade for 5
Poutine, Mac n Cheese - 5
Add to your burger or sandwich
Mushrooms, Caramelized Onions Cheddar or Swiss • 1.5
Blue Cheese or Bacon • 2.5
Hungry for a full meal? We have a few options available if you don't feel like a burger.
Griddled tomato, Brie, arugula and basil mayo on a Turkish bun.
House smoked Angus beef, maple smoked au jus, Swiss cheese, caramelized mushrooms & onions on a demi baguette
House smoked local Heritage Farms chicken, ranch, pickles, coleslaw, on a whole wheat Kaiser bun
Beer batter Strait of Georgia snapper, lemon garlic dip, charred lemon wedge
Local Heritage Farms chicken, bacon, guacamole, mayo lettuce on a Turkish bun
Macaroni, Emmental, Cheddar & cream cheese with garlic roasted kale, topped with bacon gremolata. Served with a side house salad
Beer battered & fried local Herritage Farms chicken, cajun seasoning, bacon onion compote, coleslaw on a Turkish bun
Make it spicy • 1
Smoked Canadian Angus beef, pulled local Heritage Farms chicken & two chicken drumsticks, Bratwurst, coleslaw & fries
Got a sweet tooth?...
Traditional house made pudding served with a slice of orange